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The community where girls and women from across Scotland, and beyond, come together to support each other to achieve their aspirations.

Hello from Emily and Lara

Welcome to Advancing Eve, a community interest company that truly seeks to support girls and women to achieve their aspirations. If, like us, you feel you would benefit from being part of a community that supports you in the most holistic way, you’ve come to the right place.

Through the work we carry out on behalf of our community, and in partnership with organisations like the Royal Bank of Scotland, we’ve already supported many girls and women – just like you!

And how do we know what females ‘like you’ need? Because we are just like you too. We thought long and hard about what resources we use to help us on our own journeys and cherry-picked the very best for you: from mental well-being apps to mentoring support and entertaining events and much more. These are all available to you, no matter what your age or stage in life. There is no other female-only community that offers such a range of support for its members.

We cannot wait to meet you and introduce you to the other members of our community; we’re all here, ready and waiting to become that consistent support in your life.

From Emily and Lara

Emily and Lara
Emily and Lara
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Lara and Emily

Five Themes of Support

As our support spans both the professional and personal, there’s a lot on offer. We use five themes to categorise what’s on offer

Included in Your Membership

Advancing Eve is a membership community for girls and women from the age of 11 to 111. While some might feel that an 11-year-old girl has little common with a woman who is 111, we believe that they do. Advancing Eve goes beyond age and focuses on values, beliefs and drive instead. We know that bringing together females from different ages, who have a desire to achieve, is more productive than working in age-specific groups because females of different ages have unique strengths and advice to share. We want you to benefit from our intergenerational community and become a part of our family of Eves.

We like to think of ourselves as being the champions of female-led businesses, so we have a membership option that provides a fantastic range of benefits for business too.

What do individuals get as part of the membership?

What do businesses get as part of the membership?

Is there something else you’d like to see as part of your membership? Let us know! Contact Us

Supporting our community

Absolutely everything we do is about supporting our members, that is why we are a Community Interest Company (CIC). Being a CIC means that all surplus funds we generate from your membership subscriptions are used to provide grants to fellow members. The grants we offer can be used to fund a variety of projects, including:

• Business start up
• Support business scale up
• Salary for internships
•Funding for interview preparation (travel, clothing…)

So, even if you don’t have time to support others within our community, simply by being a member you’re playing a significant role in supporting a fellow female to achieve her aspiration.


Advancing Eve is for you if…

1. You want to live your best life and achieve your dreams, whatever they may be, including:

a. Progressing to further or higher education
b. Starting and progressing with your career
c. Sporting, musical or artistic aspirations
d. Starting and scaling up your own business
e. Retaining and embarking on the second, third, fourth phase of your life.

2. You want positive female relationships to be part of your life

3. You want to play a small part in helping other females to achieve their aspirations too

4. You just want to spend time with other females who like to enjoy life and have a laugh from time to time

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Are you ready to aspire & achieve and become part of a community of females who truly support each other? Select the best membership level for you and become a member of Advancing Eve today.


£9.95 / month

Lara and Emily

Individual +

£14.95 / month

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£14.95 / month