Our Grants

Grants for our members

Advancing Eve is a Community Interest Company, registered in Scotland.

Research shows that for females to achieve their goals, irrespective of age or goal, they benefit from a strong female inner circle. Through the ages, females have always worked more effectively when there was a collaborative, co-operative approach in working together, particularly with inter-generational working. Today, the informal infrastructure that would facilitate collaborative approach that has been eroded, with many girls and women commenting on how they feel alone, unable to speak with peers about their worries, fears, hopes and aspirations. This is mostly as a result of the competitive or comparative culture that has replaced the collaboration and co-operation. Advancing Eve’s overarching aim is to provide this infrastructure, along with support.

If the company makes any surplus, it will be used for reinvestment into the development of the membership offering and to provide grants to our members, specifically supporting:

1. Business start-ups
2. Business scale-up
3. Seeking support for career progression

Our grant scheme will launch as soon as we generate adequate surplus; in the meantime, if you would like further information on how to make an application when we go live, please email us at hello@advancingeve.com