We want to support our Eves in all areas of life, including their career. Whether you want to start your own business, are looking for a new career path or need a space to work, we are here to help.

Hot desk space

Online Business Directory

Having a network is important to allow for partnerships and referrals. You can post your business profile to allow other businesses and potential customers to reach out to you. And if we have an opportunity that we think would suit you, we will contact you.

Job Listings

Are you looking for a new member of staff? Or are you on the hunt for a new job? Then our job board is the perfect place for you.

Job Listings

Sales Executive
We have an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated individual to join our team. We are looking to recruit a Sales Executive to provide sales support for several of our clients. If you would like any further information on the role, please email Emily at McGowan Marketing.
Member offers

Member Offers

Our community is all about supporting each other and we are especially proud to support female-led businesses, but we also encourage these businesses to give something back to our wider community too. Our member offers are just that, a range  of the very latest deals and special promotions provided by our member businesses, just for you.

Hot Desking

Do you have a side-hustle or job that you need extra space for? Or are you tired of being in the same four walls and find that it impacts your productivity? We have a hot desking space that you can use which has everything you need.