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Book Club

Do you enjoy reading? Do you wish you could talk about your current read with others and discuss the moments that impacted you the most? Every month, we will be diving into a new book, and you will have the opportunity to engage with other members of our community. Find out what this month’s book is.
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Asking Eve podcast


We all look on in awe at females who inspire us, seeing them as a role model to guide us to our future self. But we only know part of the story, the outwardly polished shine of success. It’s inspiring, but is it relatable? The purpose of our podcasts is to let you hear the stories from a diverse range of girls and women, from Scotland and beyond. And not just the polished, shiny version. We dive deep into the stories of our guests and learn of all the difficult times that came with their path towards success. Perhaps these women may not be making waves in the mainstream media, but they are moving their very own metaphoric mountains.


Media articles are great, but do you ever wish you could read about “life things”? Those mundane, yet common experiences that you wish you could get some advice on. Well, look no further. We have a wide range of articles written by women of all ages, covering all kinds of subjects. Whether you’re moving away from home or are looking for advice on finding a job, we have you covered.