About Eve

Advancing Eve is the passion project of mother and daughter duo Emily and Lara McGowan. Passion almost doesn’t quite do justice to how the two feel about supporting other girls and women to achieve their aspirations, but where did the inspiration to start Advancing Eve come from?
Emily and Lara

Who are we?

In 2017, when Emily was 41 and Lara was 15, both were going through periods of change, which, while an inevitable aspect of life, were challenging for both. One evening, while chatting about this, the conversation touched on how important it is to reach out for support, particularly from a wider network of females, and how this historically unquestionable and enduring support seems to be eroding from our society. It was at that moment that the idea for Advancing Eve evolved, with excitement and enthusiasm. Emily and Lara knew they had an opportunity to create a network where positive and supportive females could come together to become a helpful influence on their fellow ‘Eves.’

Today, Emily, based in the Scottish Borders, continues to grow her successful marketing agency, and Lara lives in Edinburgh while she completes her degree at the University of Edinburgh. Living in two locations could have been a barrier to the development of Advancing Eve, but the mix of rural and urban locations serves to further enhance the two’s understanding of the range of challenges faced by and opportunities open to females in Scotland.

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Who is Eve?

People are often surprised because neither founder is called Eve – so where does the name come from, and who is Eve?

Groups use a variety of terms to define their members – women, girls female, babe! We wanted to be a little more personal and appeal to all ages – girls and women, so we opted to go for a name that is often used to describe females – Eve. And the Advancing? Well, that’s easy, we want to support our members as they achieve their aspirations, whatever they may be.

So, you already know Eve pretty well actually: Eve is you! Eve is me, us, we – all girls and women are collectively represented by Eve!

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